Whatcha Watchin’?

OK, we’ve already established that Luc and I have very different tastes in books and movies. So I’m sure you’re dying to ask, “What about TV?”

Yes, we have one. Two in fact. And if one is on, chances are so is the other because we’re in different rooms watching very different things. Here’s a taste of what I’ll be watching once the kids are in bed.

My Go-To Network

  • HGTV Canada: If I could program my TV to automatically go to this channel when I turn it on I would. Actually, since it’s pretty much always the last channel I watched, that happens anyway, but you get what I mean. I will watch just about anything this network has to offer. Repeatedly. Pretty houses, pretty decor, pretty gardens…how to buy property, how to sell property, how to improve your property…renos, refurbishings, before-and-afters… HGTV lets me escape from my Lego-strewn, hand-me-down-furnished, overly cluttered and always-in-need-of-a-good-cleaning living room to a world of freshly painted, perfectly organized, throw-pillow-matching bliss.

Wouldn’t Miss It

  • The Amazing Race: This has been my reality show of choice for at least 17 of its 22 seasons. I could do without the bickering and the roadblocks where they have to consume some icky local delicacy, but I’m fascinated by the tasks they have to complete and the fears they have to overcome. (Water and heights being the most common and the most entertaining, especially when combined in, say, bungee jumping over a shark-filled tank. Kidding. But wouldn’t that be cool?) I am so dedicated to this show that Luc knows on Sunday nights he will be putting the kids to bed no matter whose turn it technically is, because Mommy would rather neglect her children than miss one minute of it. Plus, it’s good for my health, because the way it makes my heart pound during the sprint for the pit stop is about the only cardio I get in a week.

Like to Catch It

  • Modern Family: Because it’s funny.
  • Til Debt Do Us Part: Because it’s money.
  • Oprah’s Lifeclass, Oprah’s Next Chapter, Oprah Behind the Scenes, Oprah: Where Are They Now?: Because it’s Oprah.

Can’t Be Bothered

  • Anything other than The Amazing Race that plays on the same day at the same time every week. I won’t remember what day. I won’t remember what time. I definitely won’t remember which channel. I’ll watch it once and never find it again.
  • Anything that requires me to follow an ongoing storyline. I’ll miss an episode and be lost forever (happened with Lost, come to think of it). Also, these types of shows usually play on the same day at the same time every week. See bullet above.

Guilty Pleasure

  • Say Yes to the Dress: OK, I’ll admit it, this is not exactly quality viewing. But ever since I sat in a hotel room by myself following a grueling day of going through my recently deceased grandmother’s belongings and watched a Say Yes to the Dress marathon on TLC I’ve been hooked. (I think it was 6 episodes. It might have been 10. Let’s just say however long it took me to finish the bottle of wine was how long I watched.)

The Alien Connection

  • Luc and I are rarely in front of the same TV at the same time watching the same thing. Yes, he might pause to watch a segment of The Amazing Race if he’s passing through the room and it catches his eye, but my show selections, generally speaking, are not going to entice him to plunk himself down beside me and watch. Unless, that is, the show is about aliens. Ancient Aliens. Alien Mysteries. Documentaries about Roswell. Certain episodes of William Shatner’s Weird or What?. It’s an odd thing we share, this enjoyment of all things alien. Maybe it harkens back to when we were dating and used to watch The X-Files together. Wherever it comes from, it gets us a little snuggle time on the sofa and proves, yet again, that no matter how different we are, we do have a few (quirky) things in common.

Find out about Luc’s taste in TV.


7 thoughts on “Whatcha Watchin’?

  1. […] That’s it for me. Jen and I decided to do the same categories, although we have no idea what the other wrote beforehand. To see what Jen wrote, follow this link! […]

  2. I love “Elementary” and “Sherlock”. I’m a huge fan of “Downton Abbey” when it’s on in the States. Love “Modern Family” and “Big Bang Theory.” And I don’t miss “Castle” because Nathan Fillion absolutely charms me.

    Truth be told — if I can find full episodes of “Project Runway” online, I’m hooked for DAYS…. 🙂 That show is definitely my guilty pleasure.

  3. Big Bang Theory cracks me up. I should have put that on my Like to Catch It list.
    And I’ve heard good things about Downton Abbey, although I’ve never seen it. I’ve got a soft spot for period dramas and pretty costumes so I should probably check it out…

  4. Valerie says:

    I saw a season, way back when, of The Amazing Race and I really liked it! That’s around the same time as The Mole, Survivor, and Big Brother also had my attention. That was when my oldest (now 13) was a toddler! I don’t watch any tv now, but we do watch plenty of movies and buy tv shows on dvd sometimes (like Downton Abbey 😀 )

    • I’ve never actually watched Survivor or Big Brother. And I’ve never even heard of The Mole! What was that? I think I’ll start getting some shows on DVD like you. That way I won’t have to worry about missing any episodes! 🙂

      • Valerie says:

        The Mole was a reality show (there were only two seasons) where someone was paid to be the “mole” for the season and no one except him/her knew who it was, so it was a game of figuring out WHO the mole was. The mole’s job was to sabatage games so the other people wouldn’t earn momey but they couldn’t be caught doing it. Idk how else to describe it but it was ADDICTIVE!! 😀

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