Adventurous Me

The first-ever “Amazing Race Canada” started two weeks ago and I’m already hooked. I’ve loved watching the U.S. version for years and it’s fun to now see one that stars Canadian teams and showcases our amazing country.

Half the fun is trying to figure out which detour I would choose, and whether or not I’d be able to complete a roadblock.

Of course my imaginary teammate is always Luc, which makes some of the choices no-brainers.

For one thing, Luc is afraid of heights. So much so that on a trip to Ireland with my parents years ago, he hung back on solid ground while Mom, Dad and I traipsed across the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge (awe-inspiring!).

So the “Walk the Plank” roadblock (which involved inching across the windy, wobbly Bellevue Trestle in Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park, B.C., then jumping into the canyon below) would definitely have been my job to do.

Meanwhile, I have water issues. In addition to recurring dreams where I’m trapped under a frozen lake or toppling under crashing waves and desperately gasping for air, I have a quirky habit of holding my breath every time I see someone else go under water. Especially during movies. You know the scenes where the ship has tipped upside down, it’s taking on water and the hero or heroine has to dive down and maneuver through a labyrinth of lopsided rooms, floating furniture and bobbing corpses? I’ve been known to turn blue watching those movies. And there are more of them than you’d think. I’m sure it all goes back to watching the original “Poseidon Adventure” when I was a kid.

Anyway. Descending in a deep water dive cage into Lake Okanagan, decked out in scuba gear and a fishbowl helmet, to wander around the murky water looking for a statue of the mythical Ogopogo? That would be up to Luc.

Of course all of this adventurousness takes place in my mind from the comfort of my microfiber couch.

But you may be surprised to learn (given my aversion to the great outdoors) that I’ve been known to do a little thrill-seeking of my own for real.

On one of our trips to our favourite resort in Mexico, Luc and I and friends of ours signed up for a “Jungle Adventure.” There was hiking. There was spelunking through caves and swimming in cenotes. There was rappelling over the edge of a cliff and zip lining over the treetops.

Thankfully there was also tequila.

But the point is, in one day, I did a number of adventurous activities that I had never even considered–let alone accomplished–before that trip.

On another occasion, my baby sister-in-law decided to have an unconventional bachelorette party at the Aerial Park of Chutes Coulonge Park (which, sadly, was severely damaged by a windstorm last week). And yours truly, who originally balked at the idea (hoping instead for the more traditional tequila shooters and oiled-up abs of the male persuasion), put on her helmet, hooked up her safety line and completed the most challenging suspended obstacle courses and zip lines in the park.

I wouldn’t call myself adventurous by nature. I usually have to be talked into trying anything out of the ordinary, but once I decide to do it, I give it my all. And there are a few thrills I’ve always wanted to try that hopefully one day I will. Parasailing (hopefully on a white sand-turquoise water beach in Mexico) and the CN Tower’s EdgeWalk top the list. (Bets on whether that one shows up on an Amazing Race Canada episode in the coming weeks?)

Check out Luc’s ideas on adventures.


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