Dear Coffee: A Love Letter

Dear coffee,

When I think back to how we met, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come.

Remember those early, instant days? When I greeted you every morning with a kettle of boiling water? Of course, I didn’t know any better, being young and inexperienced. And it was what I grew up with…mom drank instant, dad drank instant…it’s not an excuse, but it does kind of explain things a little.

I’m not proud of how I doused you with milk every morning. And jacked you up with three or four heaping teaspoons of sugar. It wasn’t fair of me to try to make you into something you weren’t. Like the slightest bit palatable.

As I grew out of my late teens and into my early 20s, our relationship grew as well. I left Maxwell House and Nescafe behind (a bittersweet parting) and welcomed brewed coffee into my life. Of course “brewed” may be a bit of a stretch for the sludge that was you, spewing forth from the automatic coffee machine and into my tiny styrofoam cup in the hang-out room on campus. You were certainly richer than instant. And you had a bit of a dark side to you that I found strangely attractive. Yes, yes, you’re right, it wasn’t the healthiest of relationships. Especially when we let Bailey’s join in the fun for some crazy, crazy nights.

We both needed to mature a little, and that happened naturally in my late 20s when I got my own coffee pot for the first time. We always remember the first time, don’t we? Finally I could have you any hour of the day or night, in my very own kitchen. I’ll always have such fond memories of those days and hope you do too.

I have to apologize for my early 30s though. No one deserves to be abandoned like that. I could blame it on the pregnancies and the hormones, I suppose, but that wouldn’t be fair to you. Switching you out for decaf like that was inexcusable and I’ll always regret it. I’m sure the babies would have turned out fine even if I’d enjoyed you once or twice a day. I hope some day you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me.

Even if you’re still holding a tiny bit of a grudge, I think you must have come to terms with that period in our history because things between us got so much better in my late 30s. They do say those are a woman’s peak years and it was no different for me. And we started getting a little braver, a little more daring, didn’t we? Lattes, macchiatos, double-shot-no-whip-mocha-frappacinos…if Starbucks hadn’t come into our lives when she did, we may never have gotten back together after that painful separation.

And just look at us now. We’re older and wiser. Mellower one might say. I thought we’d settled in, settled down. That we’d found the right balance for the two of us, the perfect blend: a pot every morning at home, the occasional grande at the drive-through, nothing earth-shattering.

But a few weeks ago my whole world changed when the Nespresso Pixie came into our home. She’s compact and efficient and sits happily between the kettle and the coffeemaker. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s a beautiful shade of red.

Because of her, I’m seeing you in a completely different light. Ristretto…espresso…lungo…crema…Just thinking about you makes my mouth water. You’re the same coffee I know and love. But now you’re exciting and exotic in a whole new way.

In fact, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say I’ve fallen in love with you all over again. And to think…all it took was a brand new toy!

We’ve come so far and experienced so much together, coffee. I can’t imagine my life without you.

Forever yours,


P.S. Check out Luc’s thoughts on his favourite beverage.


8 thoughts on “Dear Coffee: A Love Letter

  1. Philster999 says:

    Yeah, I think one day soon I’ll be going over to the Nespresso side. So European, so chic. And the box of discs with their rich coloured foil tops — it’s like the Quality Street of coffees! Fun post!

  2. Kelly Fruhauf says:

    I love this post! It’s so whimsical! I too am under coffee’s dark spell, though we are having a fight with our espresso machine. Maybe Nespresso is the answer.

  3. Lynn says:

    Hee, I loved this one! I was wondering if you would consider submitting it to BOLO – Have a look and see what you think.

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  5. […] You can also read about my love affair with coffee here. […]

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