Favourite Moment of the Week

Yesterday was a beautiful day…the closest thing we’ve had to spring so far this year. The sun was shining, the snow was melting, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was just warm enough to wear a spring jacket outside.

So of course, my instinct was to clean something.

I’ve been on a kitchen bender this week, emptying the cupboards, washing them down and then using orange oil to completely revitalize the doors (I hate my 1980s honey oak kitchen, but until we can afford a total gut job, orange oil is my new best friend).

So there I was, ready to continue with some heavy duty spring cleaning when the girl asked me to take her to the park.

I really didn’t want to go. I wanted her out of my hair so I could clean.

Mother of the year, right here.

The boy was at a birthday party and Luc was helping a friend do some heavy lifting, so it was all up to me.

I could have said no. I could have told her I had things to do and that she’d have to find a friend on the street to play with. I could have explained that it’s so rare for mommy to have any free time to get stuff done that I need to take advantage when I can. I could have reminded her that she can’t go to the park without either me or Papa because she’s still too young and the diabetes is still too new that we can’t trust that she won’t play too hard or burn off too much energy that she’ll have a low blood sugar and not be able to deal with it on her own.

But for once I didn’t. I mentally rescheduled my cleaning for Sunday and said, “Sure, let’s go to the park.” And we packed her emergency bag and off we went.

On the way there, we picked up two other friends looking for something to do. And for the next two hours I watched in awe as three little girls completely eschewed the park to explore the neighbouring forest instead.

They made their way along slushy paths, jumped over tiny rivers and balanced on floating ice sheets. They found a perfect walking stick each, then used them to blaze new paths, test puddle depths and poke at found treasures. They pulled fallen logs to start a fort. Dug three dimes out of the mud. Spied a woodpecker.

As I stood by and watched, trying to blend into the trees, trying not to say anything, trying to give them as much freedom as a mom of a child with diabetes is comfortable giving, these three girls became adventurers, explorers, discoverers. And surprised me with their boldness and their bravery, which, I’m sad to admit, I rarely felt when I was their age and, if I’m being totally honest, I only ever expected of the boy.

My favourite moment this week: Being surprised by what my daughter and her friends are capable of. And being thankful that I wasn’t so self-absorbed that I missed the opportunity to witness it for myself.

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